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Space Booty,  sports program at the gym

If you too  :

  • You don’t know how to reach your goals
  • You’re uncomfortable and afraid of going to the gym
  • You don’t know what to do when you go to the gym
  • You don’t know how to combine healthy and delicious food with results
Programme space booty

By joining the Space Booty program, you’ll understand how to combine training, balanced nutrition and pleasure to achieve your goal in a sustainable way!

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3 months

icon pdf programme sportif space booty

and interactive PDF

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Training videos

The indoor sports program created professionals

Coralie personal trainer Space booty


Graduated NASM “National Academy of Sport Medicine” personal trainer

Violette diététicienne



A programme adapted to various formats

  • Workbook
  • E-book
  • Videos
  • Personal progress journal
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icon vidéo programme sportif space booty

Explanatory videos

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Explanatory videos




Space booty programme sportif et nutrition programme à la salle

of the program


return to a healthy, frustration-free lifestyle


combine health and pleasure


find your balance


long-term results


increased self-confidence

This program is for you if
  • you want long-term results
  • you are ready to change your lifestyle
  • you are motivated
  • you want to become the best version of YOURSELF
This program is not for you if
  • you are too impatient
  • you don’t give yourself 100%

Before / After: my results


I'd like to thank you above all for always making yourself available to answer EACH of my messages, for giving me advice without expecting anything in return and with infinite kindness. You're a person I can trust and I wouldn't hesitate for a second to buy your programme, because your intentions and the heart you put into it do everything. I don't doubt for a second that I'll be disciplined.
Ps: I sent you a message one day about my fear of going to the gym on my own, and today I'm proud to say that I've been going on my own for 2 months and I'm enjoying my life 🫶🏽

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student in a Maters in Psychologie

You really are a source of inspiration on so many levels.When it comes to sport, there's no denying that you've really given me the desire to go and kill myself at the gym and to adapt my diet by giving me lots of recipe ideas. But that's not all, (apart from the incredible feed) on instagram it's become difficult to find people to follow, but you share very, very positive things like being natural, showing that being in a healthy relationship (in love) does much more for our bodies and our minds than just love. It's all very soothing and it's because of profiles like yours that I love instagram so please change nothing it's all good ☀️💗

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auditor in an audit and consultancy firm at La Défense

I joined the gym almost 2 years ago and I've been following you since the beginning (as I had a similar physique to yours before), and thanks to you I've seen real progress in terms of mass gain.
I've always had a lot of trouble putting on muscle, because of my rather skinny build. You've taught me to do the exercises correctly, and to increase the load gradually depending on how I feel. I'd like to say a huge thank you to you Coralie, you motivate us and give us confidence thanks to all your advice!
Thank you so much, we support you all the way in your projects! 🫶🏽💗 Love

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2nd year law student

You give me so much confidence!

Every time I go to the gym and I feel uncomfortable or something I say to myself "what would mama Coralie do?" or I look at your tiktoks and then I kick everything ahahah 🥺 my safe place too 🫶🏽

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I want to lose fat and gain muscle and strength. On the other hand, I've seen how difficult it is for my friends to 'get fat', so your success is an example of what discipline can achieve. I've stopped setting myself deadlines, I thought it would be encouraging but it's not. Now I go to the gym, I look forward to it and I don't set myself any deadlines for so-called results.
Going with my friends has motivated me a lot and I'm following the programme you put on Tiktok. It gives me the basics and I adapt it to my personal needs, so thank you. Thank you for what you share with us, thank you for your gentleness.

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3rd year International Business Management student

This lucky star has helped me to find my place, to feel better about my body and my diet. 🫶🏽

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stay-at-home mother

Thank you so much! Can't wait to see your programme you're so inspiring thanks to you I've got way too much motivation and the desire to achieve my goals 🙏❤️💪🏽

Keep on giving us all this vibes☀️✨

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digital designer

First of all I'd like to thank you!
I'm really inspired by your sessions and you motivate me to go to the gym, thanks to you I'm starting to get results.

Thank you so much and keep up the great work you're doing!

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You've helped me a lot, every time I'm uncomfortable at the gym you're in my head, it's really as if you were my coach talking to me about smashing. All your tiktok content and even Instagram really help me to know which exercises to do, because when I first went to the gym I was completely lost and thanks to your content I now know how to do the exercises correctly too!
And then the recipes! Pancakes with Skyr in them? Genius, I'd never thought of that, it changes everything ahaha 😭😍 Also that to get the results you want you need to eat enough! Because sometimes we forget that, even though it's the most important thing!

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Mockup Workout Salle

Join the program

Space booty programme à la salle

sports program
at the gym

A complete 3-month program that will help you understand the basics of bodybuilding and nutrition, specially adapted for training at the gym.

It’s a structured, progressive sports program, with pdf files and training videos where I explain how to do the moves!

The program includes :

  • 4 sessions (flexible) per week : 
    • 2 lower-body sessions
    • 2 upper body sessions
    • 1 cardio session (optional)

Once you’ve completed the Space Booty program, you’ll be able to work out on your own.

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+ over 200,000

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+ over 1,200
healthy recipes

icon communauté programme sportif space booty

a community of 90,000
committed women

Who am I to create this sports and nutrition program?

Hi, I’m Coralie, but you can call me Coco

My background

I’ve always had a passion for sport from an early age! I swam, played tennis, danced and took part in multi-sport courses for 10 years. When I was 18, I gave up all these activities to concentrate on my studies and gradually took up bodybuilding. I was immediately won over by the gym – it was a revelation for me!

However, I wasn’t consistent and made a lot of mistakes at the beginning. That’s why I wanted to create a COMPLETE program that will help you avoid these mistakes and get real results.

I really started bodybuilding on a regular and optimal basis at the age of 20. I started to see a real physical progression, and beyond that, it helped me gain self-confidence and a new state of mind.

During this period, I also learned a lot about bodybuilding and nutrition.

Parcours Coralie Space booty
Parcours coralie programme sportif space booty

At the age of 22, after graduating in tourism management in June, I started training to become a personal trainer in July (Coco doesn’t have the time haha).

I then qualified as an NASM personal trainer (EREPS 4), which was a great achievement for me, as I was finally seeing my dream come true. I wanted to tell you that if you have projects/goals, no matter how audacious, it’s possible! Give yourself the means to achieve them.

In short, you’ll understand: I LIVE FOR SPORT. Then I realized that I love sharing my knowledge and advice with my community even more. Knowing that it can motivate and help you whether physically or psychologically → that’s my greatest pride!

I hope you’ll enjoy this sports and nutrition program, which I’ve put all my heart, energy and knowledge into. I hope that after these 3 months you’ll be able to stand on your own two feet and enjoy this new lifestyle.

Frequently asked questions about the program


What equipment do I need to follow the program at the gym?

To follow the program at the gym you need :

  • pull-up straps (optional)
  • protective foam for hip thrust
How long do I have access to the program?

You have access to the program for life. By logging into your memeber area, you’ll be able to find all the content.

What's the session level?

The sessions are progressive! During the 3-month program, I propose 3 phases.

In each phase, the level increases so that you can progress.

But to get maximum results, you’ll need to give 100% at every training session, whatever your level. And I assure you, the results will be there.

I'm a beginner. Is the program right for me?

Yes, the program is suitable for all levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced), and I can offer you different alternatives depending on your level.

How long do the sessions last?

Sessions last between 30min and 1h30.

How long does the program last?

The program lasts 3 months, but you’ll be able to restart it by modifying the variables to keep evolving (increasing the load, changing the tempo, etc.).

For which objective (fat loss, mass gain...)?

For ANY objective, I explain how to lose fat over the long term, as well as how to gain muscle mass in a healthy way.

If you also want to “maintain” your weight, with the aim of feeling good about yourself, that’s perfectly possible.

In the nutrition section, you’ll find all the important points for achieving YOUR goal.

Thanks to Space Booty, you’ll have everything you need to be the best version of yourself.

What's the program format?

When you purchase the program, you’ll be able to log in directly to your member’s area and access the program’s content: explanatory videos and downloadable e-book.

This program works the whole body?

Yes, although the lower-body sessions will focus on getting a SPACE BOOTY, there will of course be upper-body sessions. We want a harmonious physique here!

What’s more, if you want to progress in your lower-body sessions and therefore load heavier (in a deadlift, for example), you’re going to have to work on your upper body to perform better -> get more results.

Why Space Booty and not another?

It’s a 3-month program that becomes a lifelong program. Because the aim isn’t to get ephemeral results, but to help you understand that it’s possible to change your lifestyle, by changing the little things in your daily life, while enjoying yourself at the same time. Restriction never lasts very long, but combining pleasure + sport + healthy, gourmet food does.

Here, we focus on the long term and balance. That’s why I’ve created a COMPLETE program that talks about mindset, anatomy, nutrition and sport, because one can’t go without the other. Myths will also be addressed, as I prefer to be totally transparent with you.

Space Booty was created by professionals and enthusiasts.